Elder Oma Wright, Intercessory Prayer Leader


Elder Oma Wright is a “Daughter of Destiny”.  Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, to the late, Oscar and Jeanette Donahue, she is the 7th child in a family of 10 siblings.  Elder Wright moved to Georgia in 1979.   

Married to Elder Addison Wright, Jr., she has a blended family and is the Mother of nine children and Grandmother to 12.

Elder Oma Wright was ordained a Minister of the Gospel at Wings of Faith Worldwide Ministries in Conley, Georgia in 1995, by Bishop Dreyfus C. Smith.  In 1998, she was elevated to the position of Elder.

Elder Oma Wright is a firm believer in the power of a spoken word, and spends countless hours studying the Word of God.  Convinced that knowledge is power, Elder Wright had constantly continued her education.  She is a licensed Cosmetologist, attended National College, and holds a Bachelor of Christian Education from True Faith Biblical Institute.

 Elder Wright currently attends church with her husband at Northview Christian Church, where Dr. Hart Ramsey is the Pastor.

 A Teacher, Preacher, Prophetess and Evangelist, Elder Oma Wright is convinced that God has guided her footsteps, and wholeheartedly believes that, “With God, all things are possible!”

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