Rebecca Sandlin 

Praise & Worship Leader

Sonrise Baptist Church

6 Shenandoah Blvd. Newnan, GA 30265

Ministry Purpose: To live a life that invites and excites people to want a personal relationship with God.

Ministry Motto: Every Person was born with a purpose; God wastes nothing.

Passion for Ministry: Helping people realize that God offers and affords a peace beyond human understanding and reasoning that gifts us with true JOY and HOPE. There is nothing that slips by God; nothing ever occurs to God. God knows us, individually and when we seek Him and ask Him to help us depend on Him, He will always provide and comfort. 

I'm not an ordained minister; I do not hold a staff position at my Church. I am humbled to be a part of this Summit Leadership team, to say the least. Every day Satan tries to remind me of who I was away from Jesus Christ, but God reminds me that He allows me to celebrate in the victory of KNOWING that there is NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. We were made with a void in our souls that is only truly filled by the love of God. I have found, after seeking for this void to be filled by so many other things, that there is ONLY ONE WAY, ONE TRUTH, and ONE LIFE found in Jesus Christ alone. That makes me SING. That give me JOY bubbles up from deep down and does not fade with the most trying of circumstances. Never has God left me or let go of me. I pray that when I sing and when I lead others to sing that all of the gratitude and overflow of love that Jesus has afforded me, will excite and ignite a passion in other to crave a true, lasting, faithful, sufficient, and growing relationship with our Lord and Savior.