The Newnan Times Herald Published an Article April, 7, 2016 about our community efforts. Below is a portion of the article Please follow the link below to read the entire article! 

Prayer Summit Crossing Color Line to Bring Community Together

-Winston Skinner

“We need to pray.”

Apostle Debra Harris’s message is not as simple as it might seem. The faith leader puts as much emphasis on the “we” as on the “pray.”

Harris recently retired from an education career to move into fulltime ministry. The pastor of Lighthouse Faith-N-Action Ministries, Inc. has been gathering with a group of likeminded church and ministry leaders, who call themselves The Summit. Their shared goal, she said, is “to bring the community together, to say to people ‘we’ve got to do better,’” to move past cultural divisions.

Ignite the Fire, the first community prayer rally to grow from the conversations and prayer times among the pastors, is set for April 16 at 9 a.m. at the Greenville Street Park in downtown Newnan.

“We have different cultural characteristics. But God has shown me this is a tool for the enemy – the black, the white, the Hispanic – to keep us separated. We cannot allow this to keep us separated,” Harris said.

“We’re not asking for anybody to give up their church,” Harris emphasized. Still, she reflected on the great needs – spiritual and otherwise – that affect all people.

“At some point, we have to say, ‘Let’s come together for this activity,” she urged.

The Summit has brought several black and white pastors together – with Ignite the Fire as their first project goal. A Latino pastor recently joined the coalition.

The prayer focus on April 16 will be government officials, police officers – “people in any leadership position,” Harris said.

Harris said it is important for everyone to look beyond stereotypes and cliches. The word “all” has extremely limited validity – whether the group being described is a demographic subgroup or an occupation.

“Let’s stop looking at things the wrong way. Let’s start looking at things through the eyes of Jesus. That’s through the eyes of love,” Harris said.


Local prayer rally may lead to future community events

-Maggie Bowers

May 1, 2016

More than 50 locals gathered at the Greenville Street Park simply to pray, meditate and be united with the community.

The April 16 community prayer rally, an event dubbed “Ignite the Fire,” began at 9 a.m. in the Newnan park — the first gathering of its kind to arise in the Newnan.

Despite the cloudy weather and the early-morning chill, locals began to appear and be seated in the small outdoor amphitheater. Participants were welcomed by gospel music performed by a local church ensemble. Apostle Debra Harris, pastor of Lighthouse Faith-N-Action Ministries, Inc. led the community in prayer, following the music.

“We come together in supplication,” Harris began and noted that all of the participants gathered together for the rally were a “united front.” Harris added that everything the community does to show faith in God is like a lance, or a sword, held in defense against evil.

“Thanking Him is a lance,” Harris said. “Coming together in his name is a lance. Prayer is a lance.”

The local pastor added, “Let’s gather those lances! Get those lances ready!”